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Battle Born

Battle Born Grp31 100AH LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

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We are sorry, but we cannot ship lithium batteries to Alaska or Hawaii.

The highest quality lithium iron phosphate technology at the fairest price on the market!

These stand-alone batteries, often referred to as "drop-in batteries", are self-contained systems that include the LiFePO4 power cells and the battery management system (BMS). This makes installation just as easy as a lead-acid battery; just pull out your old unit, drop this one in, and hook up your cables! They can be combined into larger banks, too.

Battle Born batteries are made in Reno, Nevada, and are a division of Dragonfly Energy. We like them because we can contact the engineers, which is unique in the drop-in lithium market. Before we brought them on as a brand, we made sure that they had adequate support (though we don't think we, or you, will need it), and we also checked with existing customers and received nothing but outstanding ratings and glowing reviews. They offer an 8-year full replacement warranty, with an additional 2-year pro-rated coverage.

Battle Born batteries are rated at the total usable energy, so a 100AH battery will give you a true 100AH. Component-based battery systems usually produce about 80% of the rated capacity before shutting down. The batteries operate essentially the same way, only the method of measuring capacity is different.

The manufacturer's tests have shown:
* 100% discharge at 100A load - 2000 cycles with 80% of original capacity remaining.
* 100% discharge at 20A load - 3000 cycles with 80% of original capacity remaining.

The built-in battery management system (BMS) of the 100AH models will allow charge and discharge up to:
* 100A continuous current
* 200A surge for up to 30 seconds
* over 200A surge for up to 1/2 second
That is per battery, so a pair would be able to supply 200 amps until drained, easily enough to power a 2000 watt inverter.

Battle Born batteries should be charged at roughly 14.4V bulk, and 13.6V to 13.8V float. This is similar to many recommended AGM battery profiles, and almost any good battery charger or solar controller will be compatible.

Bulk pricing is available; contact us for details.

**Please note: Batteries are non-returnable except in case of warranty claim, in which case you must contact us for instruction**

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