Available now 4x4 144 WB Sprinters

We have three 144 WB Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 vans that are currently being built and are available for sale

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Introducing this new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van build out from Rogue Van Company, meticulously customized to create the ultimate van life haven. Designed with a passion for adventure, this exceptional vehicle seamlessly blends the prestigious Mercedes-Benz engineering with the innovative, rugged craftsmanship of Rogue Van Company. Step inside and immerse yourself in a world of comfort and functionality, where every detail has been carefully considered to enhance your van life experience. The spacious interior offers a versatile layout, featuring carefully curated furnishings and clever storage solutions to optimize space. From the luxurious sleeping quarters to the large shower, this Sprinter Van embodies the perfect balance between elegance and practicality. With its robust performance and advanced technology, you can embark on limitless journeys with confidence. Experience the true essence of van life in a new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van built out by Rogue Van Company, where exceptional design meets boundless possibilities.

A Different Kind of Camper

We've developed the ideal home on wheels. Offering durability, a refined aesthetic, and a conscious build, we believe that the journey and the destination are equally important.

Designed for Life

We build our vans for every kind of use - from full time living to vacations and weekend trips. We believe that a mobile space can be designed to be as comfortable and elegant as it is practical.

It's All About the Details

We use premium materials, luxurious finishes, and high-quality appliances in all of our builds. From our handcrafted cabinets to our integrated floor trim, no detail gets overlooked.

This is Your Space

We work with our clients to create a space they'll look forward to being in, every day. Customize every design aspect of your build - from the type of flooring to the color of the ceiling, and everything in between.

Earth in Mind

We envision campers that speak to the reality of the world we live in. Solar power standard, sustainable materials, and high efficiency appliances limit our footprint and enable us to offer a lavish ownership experience that is also environmentally responsible.

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