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Victron Smart LiFePO4 Component Battery

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**PLEASE NOTE: These are component battery systems, NOT "DROP-IN" batteries. These MUST NOT BE USED without the required BMS, load disconnects, and charge disconnects, as well as possible other components depending on the rest of your system. THESE MUST BE PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED BY VICTRON-TRAINED INSTALLERS. To order, please have your installer contact us to demonstrate a working knowledge of the proper installation methods and requirements**

Victron Energy's Smart component lithium batteries have integrated cell balancing and cell monitoring, and require the use one of Victron's components battery management systems (BMS) to manage the batteries. Up to ten batteries can be paralleled and up to four batteries can be series connected, so that a 48V battery bank of up to 3000Ah can be assembled. The cell balancing/monitoring cables can be daisychained and must be connected to a Victron Energy Battery Management System (BMS).

The BMS will:

  • Disconnect or shut down the load whenever the voltage of a battery cell falls to less than 2.5V.
  • Stop the charging process whenever the voltage of a battery cell increases to more than 4.2V.
  • Shut down the system whenever the temperature of a cell exceeds 50°C.
  • Control the cell balancing while charging and discharging


A complete Victron Energy Smart Component LFP Battery System consists of:
 • One or more Victron Energy Smart LFP batteries
 • Victron Energy BMS
 • Charge relay, typically one of the Cyrix-Li-Charge series 
 • Load relay, either the Cyrix-Li-Load or one of the Smart BatteryProtect models
 • (optional) Digital Multi Control
 • (optional) Cerbo GX with GX Touch 50 Accessory Screen
 • Cables including Victron Energy RJ45 UTP cables and others as necessary

Victron lithium battery speccifications

**Please note: Batteries are non-returnable except in case of warranty claim, in which case you must contact us for return authorization, RMA form, and shipping instructions**

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