Victron BlueSolar MPPT Control

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The MPPT Control lets you see the status and modify the setup of all BlueSolar MPPT solar charge controllers that use a VE.Direct communications port (all except 150/70 and 150/85). Note: requires cable, please see below.

 • View live status information
 • View historical information
 • All-time values
 • 30-day historical values
 • MPPT setup

A few of the values that can be displayed are:
 • Panel power
 • Panel voltage
 • Yield today
 • Charger state
 • Battery current
 • Battery voltage
 • Load output state & current (when function is supported by controller)
 • Maximum panel voltage
 • Maximum power per day
 • Maximum battery current
 • Maximum battery voltage
 • Minimum battery voltage
 • Time spent in bulk, absorption, and float per day

The control can also be used to set the following parameters:
 • Battery type
 • Maximum allowed current Bulk time limit
 • Absorption time limit
 • Absorption voltage
 • Float voltage
 • Temperature compensation
 • Load output (when function is supported by controller)
 • Load switch low & high (when function is supported by controller)

The MPPT Control is mounted in the familiar BMV-700 series housing, maintaining a consistent and professional look to your panels. It can be flush mounted in a 52mm (2") hole, or an optional mounting box is available.

The MPPT Control requires a VE.Direct cable, which is available in various lengths from 1' (0.3m) to 33' (10m).

For more information, see the Victron MPPT Control User's Manual.