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Go Power 6 Volt Sun Cycle Agm Solar Battery

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The 6 Volt Sun Cycle AGM battery is designed for solar and inverter use. Specifically designed for solar, the AGM deep-cycle batteries offer maintenance free, sealed construction and integrated carrying handles. Ideal for upgrading lead-acid battery banks.

Replace a single 12-volt lead-acid battery with two 6-volts (wired in series) to expand your off-grid power.


Upgrade your battery bank with the Sun Cycle AGM deep cycle battery designed specifically for solar!



  • 6V, 224AH @ C20
  • UL Listed
  • Float application: 6.8 - 6.9V
  • Cycle application: 7.2 - 7.4V
  • Maintenance-free, sealed construction
  • Spill-proof/leak-proof (VRLA)
  • Integrated carrying handles
  • 67.3 lbs
  • 2-year warranty
Manufacturer warranty