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RVC Sema Build - Van Compass Suspension overview

RVC Sema Build - Van Compass Suspension overview

Posted by Rogue Van Company on Aug 17th 2023

In this SEMA Build Series video, our goal is to showcase the reasons behind our partnership with Van Compass for our Sema build.

Having utilized and integrated their products for an extended period, our confidence in both the quality and performance enhancements they bring to our vans has grown substantially.

Suspension holds a paramount position in a vehicle's dynamics, especially for those subject to varying loads or weight changes, a common scenario in the world of vans. This becomes even more critical when the vehicle is intended for off-road usage, where the standard suspension can not only induce discomfort but also compromise the vehicle's handling, leading to potential hazards.

Recognizing these factors, Van Compass has meticulously engineered top-tier, comprehensive suspension kits catering to models like the Mercedes Sprinter and other vans.

Our aim is to provide you, with an in-depth breakdown of the components within our chosen suspension system through this video.

For additional insights, don't hesitate to connect with us or @VanCompass directly.

We appreciate you tuning in and anticipate sharing more videos highlighting this build and the collaborative efforts that brought it to life. Stay tuned for more updates.

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