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   RVC SEMA Build. Owl RockKrusher Axle Upgrade Install

RVC SEMA Build. Owl RockKrusher Axle Upgrade Install

Posted by Rogue Van Company on Sep 22nd 2023

The team at Owl van show RVC how to install their new RockKrusher rear axle upgrade at their facility in Anaheim. This new product from Owl Vans is a long overdue need in our market. It is an absolute must have for our SEMA build van as not only is it running 37" tires but it will also end up being one our heaviest builds to date. These points considered, the factory rear axle becomes somewhat of a liability both on and off-road. Upgrading not just the strength component but also providing a massive upgrade to any Sprinter's off road capability, this axle comes with an Eaton E-Locker. This gives the driver selectable locker capability at the flick of a switch. Which means more traction on demand and less chance of getting your van stuck in the mud/snow/rocks.

For more information about the axle, installation and availability. Visit the Owl website: