Radex Radiator Hot Water Forced Air Heater

$350.00 - $475.00
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A long established brand recognized worldwide, Dickinson Marine builds beautiful, hand crafted, stainless steel appliances renowned in the marine industry for their excellence in design and their practical and reliable operation. Originally designed for boats, they are now being used in RV's, trailers, garages, tiny houses, and of course, van conversions!

The Radex Radiator Hot Water Forced Air Heater is designed to efficiently use the waste water heat produced by a water cooled engine, or a hot water system, to generate air heat. Their quality stainless steel construction minimizes maintenance and is highly resistant to corrosion. Simply connect to a circulating source of hot water and a low voltage power supply and it delivers an endless supply of temperate heat. You could also use the wasted energy from your engines coolant to provide dry, clean cabin heat. Ideal for a variety of applications including boats, RV’s, trucks or cars.

  • Easy to install.
  • Side mount or frame mount available.
  • Equipped with a single or double, independently switched high efficiency 12v fans

Single Radex
Width: 10.25″
Height: 7″
Depth: 5″
Weight: 7 lbs
BTU: 12000

Double Radex
Width: 16.75″
Height: 7″
Depth: 5″
Weight: 10 lbs
BTU: 24000

*BTU based on 100 degree temp rise.