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Mercedes Sprinter 170" Flares

$1,800.00 - $2,910.00
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Flares, aka "bump out panels” or “side pods,” by Flarespace are the genuine article. This cost-efficient & stealthy van mod maximizes your van's interiors and allows you to reconfigure your van’s floor plans to place your bed widthwise, rather than lengthwise. Flares are made-to-order and sold in pairs (pricing includes a driver's side Flare and a passenger-side Flare), and once installed, you’ll have around 80 inches of space to sleep sideways in your Mercedes Sprinter 170". Flares are a must-have van upgrade and are DIY friendly, lightweight, ultra-durable, and completely compatible with Flarespace’s Trim Rings, Bed Systems, and Interior Panel Kits. Take the first step in converting your cargo van into an adventure van and get your Flares!



MATERIAL: Fiberglass
FINISH: Gel coat; ready for paint.
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Proudly made in the USA.
WHAT'S INCLUDED: 2 Flares, approved adhesive, and written installation instructions.
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 27.625" x 49". Depth is determined by the type of Flare selected.
WARRANTY:View warranty information here.
Production timeline: 5-6 weeks for production, 1 week to ship.

Need more space in your van? Consider Flarespace Flares!

Flares are fiberglass panels that will extend the width of your van, increasing usable space and opening up new design options. Available in regular and extended depths, with or without windows, and are painted to match your van.

Flare Description 
All flares are always sold in pairs. The price you pay is for 2 flares — a driver's side flare and a passenger side flare.

Production Timeline
All flares are made to order and we usually expect to receive them about 4-5 weeks from the date of order. 

***No returns on flares.***