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What types of interior customizations does RVC do?

Rogue Van Company fabricates all aspects of interior conversions.  We specialize in transforming bare bones vans into fully habitable spaces.  Our interior work is all done in house; Our RVC electrical specialist designs fully autonomous offgrid power systems from minimal utility uses to robust and complex full time systems, our resident plumber creates functional plumbing systems that accommodate from the simplest weekender needs to the most rigorous and luxurious plumbing demands, and our team of carpenters specialize in elegant and functional cabinetry and finish work to accommodate the utilitarian, the traditionalist, the modernist and even the whimsical. 

What types of exterior customizations does RVC do?

Our exterior mods include a full roster of aftermarket products: Wheels and tires, racks, bumpers, awnings, lights, steps, Flarespace flares, and fenders. If there’s something you need done, chances are we do it. 

How do I go about having a van built?

When approaching a build with RVC there are two routes.  The first option is choosing form one of our models as listed here on our website, the general build concepts or bones are fixed, and the smaller details can be changed to accommodate your specific needs (water, power, heating/cooling, color, woods, stains, tile, countertops etc.)  

I’ve decided I want you to build a van for me, now what?

The first step is creating a list of all the features you want your van to have, taking a look through our gallery of builds is a must, and looking at other van online is a great idea.  Compile a robust list of wants/ needs along with photo references, the goal is to get the most accurate picture of the work that needs to be performed.  Once you have this dossier of your build complete, send it over to our team, from there we can come up with a quote.  Once we’ve covered the details together and feel that we both understand what the build will entail and what it will cost it's time to get into contract and hop on our build calendar.  

What kinds of other services does Rogue Van Company provide?

RVC offers a variety of upfits outside of full builds:

Exterior upgrades: 

  • Bumpers

  • Racks

  • Wheels and tires  

  • Lights

  • Flarespace Flares

Interior upgrades:

  • Diesel air and water heaters (Webasto, Espar and Dickinson.) 

Power Upgrades:

  • Solar panel installs

  • Power systems

  • Isolator relays

  • Battery boxes


  • We offer a variety of consultation services, most notably in offgrid power systems

We offer many more services to our full build customers, however due to time constraints we are not available to offer them to customers who are not purchasing a full build.

What kinds of warranty does RVC offer on their builds?

All our builds come with a 3 year warranty on the carpentry, electrical and plumbing.  In the case of appliances, we will act as technical support and a go between for our customers to the manufacturer. 

Is RVC hiring?

At this time we are looking for a full time Mechanic that is well versed in Sprinter/ Diesel work. 

FAQ Spec Builds 


Do you provide the van? Or can I bring you my own?

We regularly stock and build a variety of 144 and 170 WB Sprinter vans; you can either purchase one of these with one of our spec builds or bring your own van to slide into our production.  Production schedules can be found here LINK, we typically do multiples of the same spec floorplan at once so just reach out to us with your idea and we’ll see if we can work it in. 


Does the van have to be a Sprinter?

The only vans that we do full buildouts in are Sprinter vans.  We offer a variety of services for other vans; which can be found on the services page ____Link


How many layouts do I have to choose from?

We have 5 layouts listed online and a larger catalogue of builds not published that you can inquire about. 


Can I alter the lay out or custom design my own layout?

We do not accept custom builds at this time, however small tweaks and changes are allowed on a case by case basis.  


What details am I able to customize about my build?

We allow customers to pre-select the fit and finish of their vans including the:

Countertops, walls, cabinet, door, appliance and fixture finishes.


What is the starting cost?

All builds with a van start at $180,000.00, all builds without a van start at $100,000.00


What is the timeframe to have a build completed?

Depending on the build and what our production schedule looks like that timeframe can vary greatly.  For example, you may reach out to us regarding a Summer build, and we may happen to be in the process of building 3-5 of those vans; in these scenarios you  could potentially take delivery of one of these vans within a few weeks.  A full build can however take as long as 4 months to complete if it is very complex and not being built with other vans in sequence. 


Can I purchase one now? 

Yes! We almost always leave a few vans open for walk in purchases on our production runs, inquire to see what we have available. 


When can I come in to see a van in person?

Use the contact form to set up a time to come see our facility and vans, we are open Monday-Friday 7:00AM-3:30PM by appointment only. 


Do you offer financing? 

Yes, our in house financing can be used to access up to 20 year fininancing on one of our vans.