Victron Blue Smart IP67 Charger With Bluetooth

$111.35 - $211.65
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The Victron Energy Blue Smart IP67 Charger can be permanently mounted or used as a portable device; it comes with M8 ring terminals pre-installed on the output connection cables. It is protected against dust and powerful water spray. Bluetooth connectivity makes configuration and monitoring easy, especially when mounted in out-of-the-way places!

  • Water, dust and chemical resistant (IP67)
  • Seven-step smart charge algorithm
  • Recovery of fully discharged ‘dead’ batteries
  • Automatic power supply function
  • Severe cold performance: down to -30°C
  • Several other battery life enhancing features
  • Low power mode to charge smaller batteries
  • Li-ion battery mode
  • Setup and configure, read out voltage and current with your smartphone


Recovery of deeply-discharged 'dead' batteries
Unlike many other brands, the Blue Smart IP67 Charger will attempt to recharge a deeply-discharged battery by force-feeding it with a low current. Normal charging will then be resumed as soon as there is sufficient voltage across the battery terminals.

Connect the battery with ease
The charger comes with preinstalled M8 eyelets making it easy to connect to any battery with M8 threaded insert or threaded rod connections.

Check the status of your battery remotely
The Blue Smart IP67 Charger is equipped with built-in Bluetooth, so the status of the charger and the battery can be checked on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. All settings of the charger can be configured with the VictronConnect app.

All Victron products (except batteries) come with a 5 year worldwide warranty, supported by an international network of service points and dealers.

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