HD-12L - 12 Volt DC Mini Split System Air Conditioner

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The Cruise N Comfort USA HD-12L is a 12 Volt DC split system air conditioner that is designed for use in harsh environments and operate directly from batteries. These units use a external remote condenser that mounts to the outside of the cab. These units will need to be evacuated and charged with automotive R134a refrigerant and are fitted with R134a automotive style service ports to make charging and servicing easy. The HD-12L system is a great alternative to retro fitting engine mounted compressors and is a great no-idle solution. The HD-12L utilizes almost entirely stainless steel construction and has a polyester enamel coated evaporator. All specifications and images listed on this sheet are approximate and subject to change.

HD-12L Specifications: 

Cool only

BTU: 8,000

Input Voltage: 12.8 Volts DC


Below shows our power consumption with our optional thermostat that utilizes our Sequential Compressor Technology:

High Blower Speed  49 nominal amps @ 12.8 Volts DC 

Medium Blower Speed 47 nominal amps @ 12.8 Volts DC

Low (Whisper Mode) 42 nominal amps @ 12.8 Volts DC


Blower duct size: 4”

Evaporator Size: L 22” x W 12” x H 10.5” 

Condenser Size :14" tall x 20" wide x 4-1/2"thick

Evaporator weight approximately 69 Lbs.

**Shipping not included, Please inquire about shipping via freight.